Tank Man, June 5, 1989
Bejing, China

In 1989, over half a million peaceful people, mainly students, assembled in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, to protest the corruption of the Communist government. In retaliation, army tanks were sent to clear the Square.

One anonymous man stood in their way and the tanks held their fire. This anonymous man has come to be called Tank Man.

Eight days later the Army violently cleared Tiananmen Square. Thousands of unarmed protesters, mainly students, were killed or injured.

Time magazine voted Tank Man as one of “The Most 100 Important People of the 20th Century.” He remains unidentified.

There is another drama here. Lucy Kirkwood, in her 2013 smash hit London play, “Chiamerica,” startles her audience with a shocking question…what about the Chinese tank driver who did not follow orders and refused to roll over Tank Man?

Is not the tank driver a hero as well? This Chinese tank driver also remains unidentified.

See a startling video of the anonymous hero.
Click here if you are unable to view the video.

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