The Father of Modern Art…Picasso?  Nope.

Linda Blair, renowned San Diego Art Historian, asserts Paul Cézanne,  French painter in the latter part of the 1800‘s, as the precursor of Cubism and hence, the true Father of Modern Art…not Picasso!

Cézanne, Cubism, Father of Modern Art

Basket of Apples, 1985
Paul Cézanne

Linda Blair’s vivid interpretation of Basket of Apples gives us that ‘Aha’ moment!  Surprisingly, we now understand Cézanne’s painting with all its ruthless brushwork, tension, and distortion!

“In Basket of Apples the bottle tilts toward the basket to halt the tumbling apples, while the cloth seems to slither off the table but is itself halted by the higher right side of the table. 

The curious perspective of the cookies in the upper right suggests their desire to move downward to join the apples.  The misalignment of the table confuses visual expectation and furthers the tension.

Cubism threw traditional painting to the wind.  The subject matter was fragmented with several sides seen simultaneously.  Thus, the Cubist moves the viewer through time, as if he were walking around the object.  This introduces a new relationship between the art work and the viewer – the viewer is now a participant!“

Linda Blair, Art Historian

Test your Cubism knowledge and watch this video!
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