Photo 1931
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

"Henry Ford Hospital," 1932
Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, born in Mexico, 1907, was severely injured in a streetcar accident nearly severing her spine. Confined to her bed for many months, she began painting while lying on her back. Chronic pain stayed with her throughout her life.

Frida, 22, petite and beautiful, married Mexico’s most well known artist, Diego Rivera, 42, voluminous and reportedly resembling a frog . Passionately in love, they lived in a bright blue house and joined the Mexican Communist party.

Shortly after the marriage, Diego, although deeply in love with Frida, but chronically unfaithful, began affairs with other women. Frida suffered two miscarriages and produced her graphic/symbolic masterpiece paintings of emotional and physical pain… paintings that exalt the ability of women to endure truth, reality, cruelty and suffering. They are heartbreaking.

Frida’s fame grew, culminating in the purchase in 1939 of one of her portraits by the Louvre, Paris. Frida was the first Mexican woman artist to be represented in a major European institution.

Frida died at 47 in 1954.

Diego Rivera…”This day is the most tragic day of my life. I have lost my beloved Frida forever. Too late now, I realize that the most wonderful part of my life has been my love for Frida.”

Frida Kahlo…”I suffered two grave accidents in my life. One was when a streetcar knocked me down. The other was Diego.”

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