Cover Illustration for Treasure Island, N.C. Wyeth

Cover Illustration for Treasure Island, 1911
N.C. Wyeth

The Grandfather: N.C. Wyeth, 1882-1945

One of America’s foremost illustrators, N.C. Wyeth painted adventure scenes with unforgettable characters. Bring back memories???

Christina's World, 1948 Andrew Wyeth

Christina's World, 1948
Andrew Wyeth

The Son: Andrew Wyeth, 1917-2009

Christina’s World is one of the most familiar American works of the 20th century and is currently on display at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The woman crawling through the tawny grass was the artist’s neighbor, Christina, who was crippled by polio. Wyeth said his challenge was to “do justice to her extraordinary conquest of a life which most would consider hopeless.”

That Blue-eyed Goat, Jamie Wyeth, 2011

That Blue-Eyed Goat, 2011
(c) Jamie Wyeth
Adelson Galleries

The Grandson: Jamie Wyeth, born 1946

Having grown up with his famous grandfather’s images of knights and pirates, and his father’s poignant paintings, Jamie Wyeth was determined to go his own way.

Beyond the scenic seascapes, he has spent decades portraying a darker, more disturbing side of Maine that tourists rarely see…unlikely subjects painted with his distinctive vision of life in the raw.

Jamie Wyeth’s paintings are found in major museums in America.

You must not miss this video of Jamie Wyeth painting! The best!  
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