American art is evolving!
American art is pushing all the boundaries!

It is almost inconceivable how much the work of American artists has changed in the past 250 years. This mind-boggling evolution is brilliantly presented by three renowned San Diego museums…The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The San Diego Museum of Art and the Timken Museum of Art. These classy museums have pooled their art treasures for a knockout show.

BEHOLD, America!

America’s art is presented with the three themes of Figures, Frontiers and Forms; dating from before the revolution in 1771 to the latest contemporary pieces.

See for yourself the evolution!


Mrs. Thomas Gage, 1771
John Singleton Copley

The Hobo, 1999
John Currin


Yellowstone Park, 1909
Thomas Moran

Homestead with Jade Sky, 2011
Deanna Thompson


The Magnolia Blossom, 1888
Martin Johnson Heade

The White Flower, 1932
Georgia O'Keeffe

Yes! American art has definitely evolved.

Watch this video for a fascinating glimpse of BEHOLD, America!
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Video credit: VideoliciouslybyRuth

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