19 10, 2016

Surprise! Georgia O’Keeffe Watercolors


Watercolor, Evening Star No. IV, 1917 Watercolor, Evening Star No. IV, 1917
Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Surprise! Georgia O’Keeffe didn’t just make large iconic oil paintings of flowers, skyscrapers and bones against a desert landscape!

Georgia O'Keeffe at <a href=[…]

Surprise! Georgia O’Keeffe Watercolors2016-10-19T02:31:11-07:00
3 02, 2016

Ahhh-mazingg’ Art Museum



Hottest new museum to hit USA is the Broad Museum in downtown Los Angeles! The architecture alone is worth the trip…a honeycombed boxy building tilted on its side filled with natural light.

Broad Museum, Los Angeles, CA September 20, 2015 Broad Museum
Los […]

Ahhh-mazingg’ Art Museum2016-02-03T09:07:04-08:00
21 10, 2015

Andy Warhol…Why Is He An Important Artist?


Andy Warhol painted icons. He painted Marilyn Monroe only after she took her own life. These images deliver a big punch. Mortality stares us in the face…Marilyn’s mortality and our own.

Andy Warhol painted history […]

Andy Warhol…Why Is He An Important Artist?2015-10-21T10:13:54-07:00
6 01, 2015

Turner, Brilliant Painter of Light



Light, light, light. Light in all its effervescence; light falling in scattered shining flecks, shimmering incandescent pigment. Light like it had never before been painted.

J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) became the leading artist of his era. A classical painter, heavily influenced by the old masters, he […]

Turner, Brilliant Painter of Light2015-01-06T03:26:31-08:00
29 07, 2014

3 Terrific Tips on Showing Art in your Living Space


Ever wonder how to best show your art…those pieces you have lovingly collected over the years? Top San Francisco designer, Linda Applewhite, presents 3 terrific ideas!

Linda Applewhite’s Design Tips

Play With Color and Texture

Street Scene, Gugger PetterTo make artwork stand out in a room! Combine […]

3 Terrific Tips on Showing Art in your Living Space2014-07-29T14:45:18-07:00
18 03, 2014

Spectacular Performance Art


Studio Visit, 2005  Joe Sola

Artist Joe Sola was in his second story studio being interviewed by a couple of haughty and condescending art critics.

Midway through the humdrum interview Sola got up and took a flying leap out of his closed second story […]

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10 12, 2013

World’s Largest Portrait of…


Johannesburg – Nelson Mandela is lilac, pulsing-pink, blue, and sandy tan.  He is a collection of energy, a precise assembly of meticulously measured stripes.

This describes the gigantic portrait, 14 feet high, honoring “Tata,” or father, the term of endearment many South Africans use for […]

World’s Largest Portrait of…2013-12-10T12:18:59-08:00
15 10, 2013

The Earliest Art Form…Dance!


Dance has long been considered the earliest art form, but it has been elusive to capture and difficult to document.  Hence, scant records of dance movements exist.

Fortunately, artists throughout time have depicted  dancers on cave walls, pottery, tapestries, marble, parchment, canvas, and most recently on computer screens.


The Earliest Art Form…Dance!2013-10-15T11:09:11-07:00
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