Spielbergian Climax, Hebru Brantley, 2014

Spielbergian Climax, Hebru Brantley, 2014

Hebru Brantley

33 years old and 6’8″ tall, Hebru Brantley is Chicago’s fastest-rising visual artist. A street painter turned fine artist making comic-book style pop-art paintings, his figures reflect his growing up on the south side of Chicago. Brantley’s works can command upward of $100,000.

Leaning Into The Wind, Andy Goldsworthy, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, January 2015

Leaning into the wind,
Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 15
January 2015
Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy’s latest work is all about the elements of nature.  He explores and seeks intimacy with nature by using leaves, stones, snow, ice, and wind…yes, wind. Goldsworthy makes his art, it stays for a while, and then it is gone.

The art may disappear but Goldsworthy photographs each piece, the process, and the moments of peak and decay. We may no longer have the art, but we have the memory.

Ladies Chatting, Genieve Figgis, 2013

Ladies Chatting, Genieve Figgis, 2013

Genieve Figgis

Irish painter, Genieve Figgis, produces paintings rich in color, texture, humor and the macabre. Her canvases draw upon art history, featuring sumptuous domestic interiors and stately country homes. The protagonists are dressed in finery and are innocently feasting, horseback riding and entertaining in their grand salons.

But all is not well. Behind the most mundane facades, Figgis’ figures appear as either faceless or foolishly grinning, ghoul-like creatures. The viewer is shocked, bewildered and intrigued at the turn of events and stops dead in his tracks.

“Art just did its job!”

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