"Trash People" 1996-2012
HA Schult (b. 1939)


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

In today’s world of weird and amazing art some of the most compelling and creative works have been born out of the simplest and most abundant of materials: garbage.

HA Schult is a German installation artist famous for creating an army of 1,000 sculptures made from crushed cans and discarded computer parts. These are the “Trash People.”

The “Trash People” have traveled all over the world, from the parks of New York to the Great Wall of China and to Antarctica.

Astonishingly beautiful, they are meant to cause us to consider what we are throwing away…treasures?

Watch this phenomenal video on the “Trash People.”
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"Break Down" 2001
Michael Landy (b. 1963)


London artist Michael Landy made an inventory of everything he owned: every item of furniture, every book, every piece of food, every cat toy, all his family photos, a valuable art collection, his Saab 900 car…The list took three years to complete and it contained 7,227 items.

Then, in a vacant department store, ironically in the most prestigious shopping area in London, with the help of a large machine and a team of operatives, he set about taking apart and destroying it all. After two weeks nothing but powder remained.

All Landy had left were the overalls he was dressed in, his girlfriend, and his cat.

Landy says the art installation, BREAK DOWN, was not a criticism of consumerism.  He wanted to know what it felt like to see how much of his life depended upon what he used, what he owned…and therefore, inspire us to ponder the same.

Over 50,000 people came to watch during the two weeks of the installation, BREAK DOWN.

BREAK DOWN…Hard to imagine?   You have to see this outlandish video.
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