1 03, 2016

The Kiss and Art


The Kiss of Betrayal

"Kiss of Judas", 1304-06, Giotto, Fresco (detail) Scrovegni Chapel, Padua, Italy “Kiss of Judas” Fresco (detail), 1304-06
Giotto di Bondone

This magnificent fresco portraying the betrayal of Jesus, was painted by Giotto over 700 years ago in the […]

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1 09, 2015

Dark Moments…Great Painters


Ever wondered why we are fascinated and confused by beautiful paintings that have ominous images?

Brain researchers in the field of Neuroscience have increasingly turned their eyes on art in an effort to understand how we see these works of art.

There is a deep portion of the brain, the amygdala, which triggers BOTH negative […]

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15 10, 2013

The Earliest Art Form…Dance!


Dance has long been considered the earliest art form, but it has been elusive to capture and difficult to document.  Hence, scant records of dance movements exist.

Fortunately, artists throughout time have depicted  dancers on cave walls, pottery, tapestries, marble, parchment, canvas, and most recently on computer screens.


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25 03, 2013

The Most Famous Supper in History


Leonardo da Vinci captured the moment in which Jesus makes the staggering announcement that he will be betrayed by one of His disciples. This is the last supper they will share.

He is indeed betrayed by Judas Iscariot […]

The Most Famous Supper in History2013-03-25T11:14:18-07:00
29 10, 2012

Faces Change…Portraits Change


You live in 15th century in Florence.
You are wealthy and powerful.
You want your portrait painted so your memory will not fade.

Piero della Francesca, arguably the finest painter of the Renaissance, painted a double image of […]

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3 07, 2012



Husband and wife were united for eternity in their tomb in Giza, Egypt.  In 1907, the tomb was excavated and the lovely 20-inch high clay statues were given a permanent place of honor in the […]

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