"Slits Cut into Frozen Snow" 1988
Andy Goldsworthy

"Yellow and Gold Leaves"
Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Most of us have had the pleasure of making a little pretend boat out of a leaf and watching it float away down a stream.  Or the feeling of sand at the beach between our toes and the reflection that comes when we see our footprints completely erased by the waves.

Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy’s work is all about these moments of wonder.  He explores and seeks intimacy with nature by using twigs, leaves, stones, snow, ice, reeds, and thorns.  He assembles them into a kind of sculpture that weather and seasons change and destroy.

Goldsworthy makes his art, it stays for a while, and then it is gone.

The art may disappear but Goldsworthy photographs each piece, the process, and the moments of peak and decay.  We may no longer have the art, but we have the memory.

Goldsworthy’s incredible art video!
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"Stonehenge" 3000 BC
Southern England

Bouncy Stonehenge
2012 Olympics, England


Hey, Andy Goldsworthy isn’t the only artist using nature as his art form!

5000 years ago (the Stone Age), Neolithic builders were erecting what today is Britain’s most treasured monument…Stonehenge.  Although the 100 massive stones arranged in a beautiful circular pattern are still puzzling, most archaeologists now consider it an ancient burial ground.

Enter one more artist to the nature party.   Jeremy Diller, 42-year-old Turner prize-winning English artist, was asked by the 2012 Olympic committee to make a large piece of art that was British through and through.

The cheeky Diller made an inflatable bouncy Stonehenge!  The “art work” is the exact size of Stonehenge (which is huge) and is made for kids and adults to jump and play on.  Thousands of Olympic fans did just that…jumped & played.  The Brits loved it, but, aware of some “freaky art critics,” as he called them, Diller named his inflatable sculpture “Sacrilege.”

“Stonehenge 2012”
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