If you ​happen to be in Venice between June and November this year, you will find yourself in the midst of the most important art show in the world,​ t​h​e Venice Biennale. The Olympics of art.

Art from 88 countries fills the museums, the palazzos, the canal-­fronted warehouses, and t​he small intimate gardens. It’s everywhere!

But, alas, perhaps you and I will not be in Venice this year. Don’t despair…we CAN experience it!

They Come To Us Without A Word, Joan Jonas

They Come To Us Without A Word
Joan Jonas
United States Pavilion

Lines are forming to see 79­​-y​ear­​-o​ld acclaimed artist Joan Jonas’ exhibit in the United States Pavilion. Jonas uses flashing videos of children playing, environmental elements, mirrors (made in Murano, Italy, famous for its glass-making) and storytelling. The multi-media exhibit, an homage to nature, art and music, is a blockbuster!

The Key in the Hand, Chiharu Shiota

The Key in the Hand
Chiharu Shiota
Japan Pavilion

A huge, sensorial experience. Hundreds of keys attached to bright red yarn hang from the ceiling and transform the Japan Pavilion into an impenetrable jungle. The artist, Chiharu Shiota, feels keys not only lock and unlock physical spaces but memories as well.

Arrivederci Venice! Ciao!

Watch this short video, “Behind the Biennale: The World’s Most Famous Art Show”
Click here if you are unable to view the video.

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