Alert!  Alert!  Lightning has struck in the world of art and science!

Lightning on the Cheyenne Ridge
Roger Edwards, Photograph

The question:  Does art enhance science and math…and vice versa?

The answer:  Yes!   There are correlations between a Rembrandt portrait and a mathematical model…between Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night and a gamma-ray telescope.

Art enhances our understanding of science, particularly the science of weather.  We respond in new ways to Earth’s atmosphere and climate through the window of art.

Proof of this was shouted from the roof-tops, or rather from a towering glass atrium, as a cyclone of artworks from around the globe converged upon a mega art exhibition…the first National Weather Center Biennale in Norman, Oklahoma!

Flooded Car Lot
Tom Berenz, Oil on panel

The NWC Biennale was the brain child of three very accomplished whirlwinds in the professional art world and one top-notch scientist.

Alan Atkinson, Ph.D., Curator, The National Weather Center Biennale
Ghislain d’Humieres, Director, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
Erinn Gavaghan, Executive Director, Norman Arts Council
Dr. Berrien Moore III, Director, National Weather Center

Trouble Cometh
Kirby Kendrick, Acrylic on canvas

The challenge to artists was to create a work expressing the dynamic image of weather and its impact on the human experience.

The challenge was met!

Watch America’s most famous cyclone!
Click here if unable to view the video.

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