Southwest Art Paintings


Southwest Art PaintingsSouthwestern Art From traditional American Indian symbols and images to works that evoke the heart and soul of the South West region and the people that inhabit it, this type of work is diverse in both scope and expression. The petroglyphs, cliff drawings, and preserved pottery of the Navajo people have inspired many artists for generations. Warm colors such as shades of red, yellow, and orange, as well as earth tones are commonly seen in this type of medium.

Southwest art gets in your heart and mind when living in the midst of it. The traditional Taos artists and their Southwest art paintings are a compelling influence to my work. The gorgeous scenery and exotic inhabitants, as seen through my eyes, must be expressed on canvas. The majestic landscape, the traditional adobe houses, and the ever-changing light give me, as an artist, a passionate desire to paint within the distinctive pastoral theme. Always interesting are the textiles of the area. The patterns of the rugs and pottery are absolutely abstract and are thrilling to paint. In my Santa Fe New Mexico, studio, it is an honor to use the Native American textiles.

One of my recent works is a large canvas of a Navaho Indian. In the background of the painting are the fiery colors found in the Taos art paintings. Additionally, the religion of the people in the Southwest region is engrained within their life and culture. Therefore, the little, hidden mountain churches with their crumbling adobe and humble and sacred Christian icons are reverently painted in my work.

My mentors for this style are Victor Higgins, Earnest Blumenschein, Herbert Dunton, Irving Couse, and in more recent time, Jim Wagner and Tom Noble. These artists celebrated nature with all its integrity. The light in their works is brilliant and the shadows deep with color. These artists' heart and mind shine through their paintings and so my heart and mind joyously follow!



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