Impressionist Art Paintings


Impressionist Art PaintingsThe Impressionism movement would forever change the art world, but at the time of its conception in France between 1860-1890, impressionism was regarded as "too modern" by some critics and considered to be a pssing fad by others. Nontheless, early painters such as Manet forged on with thier depictions of contemporary subjects and scenes. The realism evoked by the impressionist works of Manet and Renoir and later Monet and Degas and counless others is as startling,vivid, and though-provoking today as it was when these great artists first set their ideas and observations to canvas.

How exciting to experience the same world as Matisse, Bonnard, Van Dongen, Van Gogh, and Vuillard through their impressionist art paintings. To these great painters, this medium was the unflagging pursuit to means of expression and inner feeling. Thy have revealed many gifts to us. We will never have the honor on this Earth of meeting these great artists, but we are intimately acquainted with them through their works.

In the color of skin, in the color of trees, and in the color of light there are many variety of hues. It is the task of the artist to create impressionist art paintings by spontaneously applying the color as it appears. Figures and their gestures abound throughout the history of impressionist art paintings.

The awkwardness of a movement is immediately recorded by brush, pencil, clay, or other artistic mediums. Time is gloriously depicted in these works by bright and succulent paint. A tree can be blue, a face can be bright pink, and the sun can be violet even though, in reality, most would not see these colors. To see these colors we must have a suspension of belief. Whether paint is applied with scribbling marks or with a loaded brush or with a wash, the effect can be exhilarating.

Memory plays a huge part in impressionist art paintings as it remembers a scene; the artist has many possibilities of painting this. However it is painted, the scene must be painted as it is today, it cannot just be a souvenir of yesterday. What do we see today? Life is not a repetition. So the artist applies a swath of color, the painting is as rich in black and white as in the brilliant hues. Viola! You have a new masterpiece.



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