Moon Mountain Que Sera Sera Prodigal Son
Border Wall Border Wall: Are You In Or Are You Out Border Wall: Are You In Or Are You Out
Sistine Pop! Komic Kitchen California Dreaming Gone Awry Sistine Pop 2!
Mighty, Mighty Deep Assemblage Mighty, Mighty Deep Trouble Cometh Trouble Cometh Assemblage Blue Man at the Circus DeKoonings Angel
Las Meninas III Bano de Espuma Artist Palette Artist Palette



Kirby Kendrick KA-POW!
Artist Statement

I fell in love with Renaissance art.Then I fell in love with icons...all kinds of icons from religious to comic. What’s happening? Where is the relationship? This installation is the delight in finding that relationship. Piero della Francesca’s elegant geometry and Olive Oyl’s awkward angles. Boticelli’s allegories and Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mysticism. Mantegna’s hard-edged monumentality and the bigger than life, tough Dick Tracy. All awake us to the ancient with us today. Nothing is lost, just layered.

Art Installation
Ka-Pow Olive Ka-Pow Dick Tracy Canned Hearts Installation One
Oh Deer Guy Noir Heart Break Hotel Ole
Love Love Love Love
Full Of Grace Love Strangers In The House Toro
Venice The Berlin Wall Installation no 3 Kirby Kendirck




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