Contemporary Art Paintings


Contemporary Art PaintingsContemporary Art is defined as work produced in the late '60's and early 70's and beyond. It is a diverse medium and painters and sculptures have great leeway when it comes to experimenting, creating, and defining their own particular niche.

The world of creative expression is big enough for all flags to fly. Contemporary art paintings have evolved with imagination and courage. As Beethoven said, "Art! Who comprehends her?" These works can evoke shock, awe, and a sense of protest. Additionally, these types of works are painted in diverse styles including graffiti and can be eclectic or traditional. My creations in this area reflect the world I see. When I paint spots of color truly and sincerely, these spots of color begin to organize themselves into contemporary art paintings.

I refuse to see details and let the larger form take the lead! Color makes this form. Two of my mentors, Elias Rivera and Graham Nixon stress this approach to these types of works. Their large, Giottto-like forms are layered in color and shimmer with light and movement. This movement enchants me. Our eyes see something that looks solid and stable. Yet, we know from quantum physics, that this is not so—these "stable" forms are moving. These forms are actually a collection of condensed atoms in constant motion.

Contemporary art paintings capture this motion. When I hold the brush to the canvas, somehow I sense this motion and I begin to make my marks. And that is why my painting is about marks and movement. Some of the marks are awkward, some graceful, some ominously dark, and some marks a startling charm of color. It is exceedingly important to me that I capture this puzzling motion in my creations.



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